Cleaning and Dynamic Flow Testing



What really happens is that the varnishes and other debris found in the fuel solidify in the interior of the injector. This is due to the differences in temperature that the engine must endure. This situation worsens with the presence of ethanol in all modern fuel. Ethanol has the tendency to absorb water and separate from the gasoline, sinking to the bottom of the gas tank where it quickly degrades and creates gum, varnish, and other insoluble debris that can plug fuel flow passages and negatively affect engine performance. When this ethanol/water mixture is pulled into the engine, it creates a lean burn situation that increases combustion chamber temperatures, which can lead to engine damage. This obstruction, caused in the interior of the injector, restricts the normal flow of gasoline, causing significant loss of power in the engine.

SOLUTION: We have methods to remove these residues and solidified gums that accumulate inside the injector. The methods used allow us to treat the injectors and leave them in top condition.
COMMON EXAMPLE: The cost of the maintenance and recuperation of a VOLVO PENTA injector is only $20 per injector, while the cost of a new VOLVO PENTA injector is $180. We are dealing with a significant difference in cost that translates to saving $160 per injector. Thus, if you were to replace the 8 injectors in a VOLVO PENTA engine, the total would skyrocket to $1,440. On the other hand, cleaning and giving maintenance to the same 8 injectors, with our specialized methods, would cost only $160.