Marine Fuel Injector Service



You probably haven’t realized that your boats engine has lost power, and you probably don’t even know that the injectors of the engine are dirty . When the injectors are dirty, the flow of gasoline inside the engine is reduced. The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) compensates for this, increasing the injection pulse frequency. When the injector pulse frequency increases, gasoline consumption also increases, and the engine, injectors and other components can be damaged. The injectors can be damaged because of varnish, dust and other debris inside them may scratch their insides and cause distortions in the spray patterns.

On many occasions the injectors are forgotten during the periodic maintenance that the components of the engine require and all the focus is put into the replacement of the filters; the gasoline filter, the oil filter, etc. But did you know that the injectors also have filters, and that they also get dirty? When they get dirty, the flow of gasoline is greatly limited.

This happens because the varnish and ethanol that the fuel contains passes through the filter and solidifies on the inside of the injector. When the flow of fuel is limited, the internal temperature of the engine increases.

The situtation worsens with the contents of the ethanol, which come mixed with the gasoline. The ethanol attracts the water contained inside the fuel, separating it from the gasoline and forming a type of gum that sticks to the internal walls of the injector. This gum limits the normal flow of fuel even more.

The good news are that now you know all of this and that injectors are 100% recoverable. That is what we do, we recover injectors with professional methods and new technologies so that you can recover the power of your boat’s engine and avoid the deterioration of the motor.

So next time you think about giving maintenance to your boat, think of the injectors and contact our injector service and diagnostics center located in Miami, Florida. You’ll be surprised when you feel the new power of your boat!

Some of the marine engine injectors that we give maintenance to are:
the YAMAHA Outboard injectors,
the SUZUKI Outboard injectors,
the VOLVO Penta injectors,
the MERCURY Verado injectors,
the MERCURY Optimax gasoline and direct air injectors,
the EVINRUDE ETEC injectors,
the HONDA Outboard injectors,
the JOHNSON Outboard injectors,
the MERCRUISER injectors and
the CHEVROLET inboard injectors.