FUEL INJECTOR USA | Fuel Injector Services

FIUSA International


At FIUSA International, we are dedicated to the diagnostics, repairing and maintenance of fuel injectors. We have a service and diagnostics center located in the city of Miami, Florida, where we test the condition of the injectors and utilize different methods to remove the residue that accumulates on the interior of the injectors. If not removed, the residue may impede the smooth flow of fuel, which can cause further problems.

Fuel Injector KIT | Service and Repair


Since 1992 we have provided a fuel injector maintenance service. We are pioneers in the manufacturing and development of fuel injector repair kits and have a registered brand. We offer fuel injector repair kits for more than 230 models of vehicles. Now we are offering the same high quality diagnostic and repair service that we have provided for 24 years.

Boat engine diagnostic, maintenance and repair


You probably haven’t realized that your boats engine has lost power, and you probably don’t even know that the injectors of the engine are dirty. When the injectors are dirty, the flow of gasoline inside the engine is reduced. We recover injectors with professional methods and new technologies so that you can recover the power of your boat’s engine and avoid the deterioration of the motor.